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In-Person Appointments


You can book your wellness appointment online! For your pet's annual exam and vaccines, or to get your new puppy or kitten checked out, just click the link below!

If your pet is not feeling well, or needs surgery or other services, please call or text us at 419-214-1560 to schedule.

We offer in-person appointments, or if you prefer we offer curbside service.

We always offer delivery to your home for prescription food and medications through our online pharmacy or food providers.

Virtual Appointments


We understand that sometimes it's inconvenient to transport your pet to the clinic for an appointment.

Telemedicine may be an option for certain medical issues, if your pet is current on its annual exam at our clinic.

It's so easy! Call us to schedule and our team will determine if a video appointment is the best option for your pet.  Shortly before your appointment, we will contact you with a link, and you can meet with our vet on your electronic device.  Nothing to download!

Book an in-person wellness appointment online