Kilo is a sweet 1 ½ yr old Pit Bull Terrier who came to us with parvovirus. His mom had spent her savings the week before at her regular vet to investigate why Kilo had a seizure, so she was not prepared for the additional expense and her veterinarian doesn’t offer payment plans. Parvovirus is a life threatening disease from which many dogs die, and Kilo needed immediate treatment if he was to have a chance to survive. With grant money from the Synchrony Pillar Project and donations from our clients, we used our Keeping Pets and People Together fund to begin Kilo’s treatment.  Kilo’s owner was extremely grateful for the assistance, and we were able to set her up with a payment plan through VetBilling for the remainder.  Thanks to the ability to customize VetBilling’s payment plan, we set her up with 10 monthly payments that fit her budget.  Best of all, this story has a happy ending because Kilo is back to his happy, playful self!