Sometimes there’s that certain owner and pet combination that highlight the importance of preserving the human-animal bond. This beautiful dog and her mom were experiencing homelessness and living in a shelter after leaving a difficult relationship. The pet mom gave us a call because her dog was sick with an upset stomach and showing some scary neurological symptoms. After all they had been through together, she was afraid she was going to lose her best friend because she didn’t have the funds for diagnosis and treatment. The pet parent was suspicious that her dog had ingested something that was causing her symptoms. After running baseline lab work that came back normal, our medical team felt comfortable treating the pet with supportive care. This pet mom was determined to help pay for her pet’s vet bill and was planning to do some food delivery runs that day to get some money to start up a payment plan. We find that this is the case for most people – they want to do what is right for their pet and will do whatever they can, but circumstances make it much more difficult. Sometimes someone just needs a small break. We offered to use our Keeping Pets and People Together fund to cover the treatment and suggested that the pet mom donates back into our fund when she is financially back on her feet. Our ability to cover costs for pet owners in need is due to a grant from the Synchrony Pillar Project and your generous donations!